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Offre de bienvenue et Offre du moment

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Préparez le Printemps !

Prepare for Spring!

Only a few more days until Spring. A period of change and renewal, nature and energies are gradually waking up from the long sleep of winter.

It's also an opportunity to have fun with new jewelry and accessorize your looks!

Serenity, inner balance and self-confidence, Sabelline is committed to combining fashion and well-being through its new collection "The virtues of stones".

Come and discover these pretty bracelets with positive virtues to better understand the new season!

Labradorite - New life and new challenges

The Labradorite stone encourages you to pursue your wishes without limits. It brings the necessary perception of your future directions.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Pisces

Possible combination: tiger eye, turquoise

Chakra: Heart, Throat.

moss opal contribution of there serenity , soothe and the s person anxious , calm the s fear s and t the s anxieties .
She fights there shyness and t the e lack of esteem of self .

Sign e astro _ : Gemini , Libra , Aquarius , Fish s

Combination n possible : the agate Botswana , the e chrysocolla , the e jade , the e quarter z pink , ruby -zoisite where again there rhodonite .

C hakr a: Heart

Amazonite - C hass e the e negative

The amazonite is you an e stone positive , she is rayon of joy of live and t allows you of take e certain situations of u daily n less at u seriously x and t of relativize r .

She is reinforces there sensation of happiness r . She is make d waterproof at x thought s negative s.

Sign e astro : Fish , Virgin _

Combination n possible _ : the e chrysocolla , the e jade where again there stone unakite .

chakra : Heart , Throat

The stone of Sun - Bonn e mood and t balance interior

The stone of sun the contributes To there good e mood , there joy of live and t help To fight against depressions , there sadness . She is favorites and balance interior .

Sign e astro : Leo , Scorpion , Aries

Combination n possible _ : amber , there _ citrine , the e jasp e yellow , the eye of tiger .

chakra _ : Plexus solar

Lava stone - De-stressing

The lava stone protects against anxiety and negative energies.
She is allows you of s e focus r and t live fully the moment present .
She is soothe and anxiety , free of a mind too much invasive , of questioning too much present , who i generate of s doubt s and t stress . She is To there _ capacity of absorbs r the s s -energy negative s sent s by r the s envious people , toxic s where harmful .

Sign e astro : The stone of wash agree t To all the s s- sign astrological s without exception .

Possible combination: Obsidian black , the eye of tiger and t there howlit e

chakra : Root

Black onyx - Self-esteem

Black Onyx o f fr e there strength and t there determination She is reinforces the e salt control and esteem of so i. She is away the s bad s memory s.

Sign e astro _ : Leo , Capricorn , Sagittarius

Combination n possible _ : the eye of bull , the eye of iron , the e jasp e red where hematite

chakra : Root e

La sodalit e - Stability and openness

The solidarity is you an e stone stabilizer , it's you an e stone mineral e perfect for hypersensitive people . She is is you conducive To the opening of mind and t corresponds to good at x person s who wish browsed the e world , discovered di f ferent s country .

Sign e astro _ : Sagittarius , Virgin , Fish n

Combination n possible _ : apatite , the aquamarine and and t the opal blue and (function identical )

chakra : throat

Tourmaline - Attracts and transmits the s s -energy positive s 

The stone allows you of take e trust in self , of s e protect of s s -energy negative .

Sign e astro _ : A versea u (blue , pink) , Sagittarius (blue , black r , green) , Fish n (blue , green) , Balance (green , pink) , Capricorn (green) , Scorpio (red , black) , Aries (red , pink) , T aure (red , pink) , Cancer (black) .

Combination n possible : obsidian snow , the eye of bull , the e jasp e K2 where again the ony x (black ) ; amazonite , at u chrysocolla , at u jade where again at u garnet t (green ) ; amazonite , lapis lazuli , the e larima r where again there turquoise (blue) .

chakra _ : root e (black) , heart (green) , throat (blue )

The Jasper Océa n - Physical and psychological plans .

On a physical level, ocean jasper promotes digestion and boosts the immune system. It calms nausea and vomiting, and provides support when quitting smoking.

Ocean Jasper also relieves stress and clears negative energy.
Keeping a bracelet on your wrist will promote good sleep.

On a psychic level, ocean jasper is a stone for “living in the moment”. It breaks the bonds of the past and prevents thinking about a future that does not exist. This has the ability to establish in us a feeling of peace and serenity, thus making us more able to face the vagaries of existence.

Astrological sign: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn.

Chakra: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

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